• The Black Dove

The Black Dove

The Black Dove

74 St James’s Street



01273 671119


Vintage Ska or Delta Blues is the soundtrack to the Dove’s vintage speakeasy atmosphere where even the bartenders sport their own retro vibe. And that’s only the start of the time warp! Upstairs candelabras, curtains, ceiling fans and odd collectibles run riot; the seating is ancient chesterfields; you almost expect Victorian toffs with muttonchop whiskers to doff their caps to you. Downstairs gets decidedly weirder, a narrow hideaway inspired by galleons. The candlelit disorientation is augmented by the awesome concoctions from the bar’s ‘Cocktail Bible’, where mixological creativity runs riot at affordable prices. A plethora of hop-driven craft beers completes the hazy picture.

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