• Small Batch Coffee Company

Small Batch Coffee Company

Jubilee Cafe


17 Jubilee Street


01273 900300


Each day at their Goldstone Villas Hove HQ Small Batch roasts its immaculately sourced single origin, Fairtrade beans for its various outlets across Brighton, including both rail stations and the latest, in Seven Dials. For a unique coffee experience in the city, though,try their Jubilee Cafe on the ground floor of myhotel in North Laine. It is the first in Brighton to brew coffee using the Japanese syphon method. The siphon bar features a variety of halogen burners, onto which water in round glass pots, Once the water is heated, a second pot containing coffee is placed on top, and water vapor forces the heated water into the grounds., which are stirred with a bamboo paddle, creating a whirlpool effect. Pop into the stylish 60-cover cafe and test the claims this makes the perfect cup of coffee. Oh and don’t forget to order one of their bite-sized chocolate or lemon curd tarts, to accompany. Finally, if you stray into their Wilbury Avenue coffee shop, look out for the ultimate Small Batch – a gaggle of golden gnome stools. 

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