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39 Upper Gardner Street



01273 674259


Silo describes itself as a restaurant, bakery and coffee house. The UK’s first zero waste restaurant opened in 2014 and has won critical acclaim for both it’s ethical approach to creating food and running a restaurant and for the high quality, innovative dishes it serves. Head Chef Douglas McMaster has worked a several michelin starred restaurant and this shows in the flavour details and composition of every dish. So, what happens in a zero waste restaurant? They compost all their food waste on-site, excess water used to make coffee is then reused to flush the toilets, the menu is projected onto the wall and your receipt is emailed to you. They only accept food delivery vessels that do not create waste and food is served on plates made from recycled plastic bags, to name a only a few of the efforts made to ensure nothing leaves the restaurant as waste.

Silo is situated in central Brighton in and amongst the eclectic North lanes, just a short walk from the train station. The interior is industrial and minimalist and the atmosphere is buzzy and convivial.

Breakfasts such as Silo’s sourdough toast with homemade baked beans and slow cooked eggs are on offer with the option of either treacle cured bacon or Espresso mushrooms as an accompaniment. The lunch and dinner menus are divided up as Plant, Dairy, Fish, Meat and Wild, so expect dishes such as venison haunch, lentils, fermented damson and scarlet kale or fermented brown rice risotto with Silo’s fresh cheese and Espresso mushrooms. The Independent reviewed the restaurant in July 2015 saying it had ‘Imagination, ambition and purest-of-pure ingredients'.  We at Taste of Brighton say, you can just taste when food is made with love - make sure you book your table in advance.

Opening hours - Monday - Wednesday 8.30am - 5.00pm, Thursday - Saturday 8.30am - 8.30pm, Sunday 10am - 5pm.

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