• Redroaster


1D St James's Street

Kemp Town


01273 686668


Within sipping distance of the Royal Pavilion is this roastery that has held royal status among Brighton coffee aficionados for over a decade. New harvests of single estate arabica coffee beans from Indonesia, Africa, Central America and India are freshly roasted every week on the original red roaster behind the cafe counter, with roasting dates and prices chalked up on the blackboard. The House espresso blend, certified Organic blend and Decaffeinated coffee are selected, hand-roasted and blended by chief coffee roaster Paul Stephens for distribution across the town. Why, though, stray any further than the spacious cafe itself with its high vaulted skylights and art-filled walls? Visitors are even welcome to play on a piano, donated by a loyal customer. The house blend is legendary, though maybe one coffee blogger waxed too lyrical! “It reveals itself with light, tart cherry notes that can be clearly picked out and are felt right down to the back of the palette. The honeyed sweetness remained strong along with some hints of spice and a gentle backing of dry tannin tones. The after taste was creamy, smooth and with a light zestiness."

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