• Nordic Coffee Collective

Nordic Coffee Collective

16 York Place


01273 673070


Coffee is just part of the package at this attractive eaterie which taps into our current passion for all things Scandinavian. The owner is actually Icelandic, Edda Margrét Halldórsdóttir, who moved to Brighton over a decade ago to study architecture. Naturally, the cafe she has created works along sleek, minimalist lines. The coffee is equally sleek. Nordic folk prefer lighter-roasted beans rather than the Italian dark-roasted way, producing a fruitier, less bitter coffee. Edda gets her beans from London roastery Ozone. To accompany the coffee try two Nordic specialities – ‘kleina’, a twisted donut filled with vanilla, lemon and cardamom that’s perfect for dipping, and ‘kanelbullar’, fluffy cinnamon rolls (50p each). Gravlax and herring are also on the menu, you won’t be surprised to hear, in this welcome addition, following Moksha, to an area that’s pulling itself up by the bootstraps. 

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