• Mr Wolfe

Mr Wolfe

15 Montpelier Place


07972 252787


Definitely a designer coffee shop! Owners Kat and Travis previously worked as designers in Melbourne, those skills coming in useful in transforming a quite small space into such an attractive indie cafe with carefully chosen retro furnishings and vintage china. The husband and wife team split the labour. Travis brews the coffee on a handmade Italian Marzocco Linea machine while Kat hand bakes all the cakes. We particularly recommend her unusual almond and star anise loaf and hersticky chocolate fudge layer cake with orange blossom ganache. The sourdough toast and savoury Magpies pies are also good. The fruity and fragrant organic espresso is from veteran London suppliers Monmouth. It’s a combination of certified coffees from Fazenda Serra do Bone (Brazil), Café Juana Mamani (Bolivia) and Tres Pueblos (Nicaragua). Guest espressos namechecked include Workshop, Square Mile, Roasting Party, Has Bean and Alchemy. Travis and Kat also run barista courses.

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