• Moshimo (formerly known as Moshi Moshi)

Moshimo (formerly known as Moshi Moshi)

Bartholomew Square


01273 719195


Another interloper in this category for the veggie purist, elevated to this list because of the quality of its minority non meat and fish offering, most evident when it unleashes its annual Vegan Challenge Showcase. A competition between some of Brighton’s most creative chefs preparing Japanese-influenced dishes, the challenge showcases personal talent and vegan excellence. The original notion was what we’d eat should overfishing continue to deplete our oceans. Outstanding was the Beetroot Maki, which melds cooked beetroot, oshinko pickle, kampyo, red chilli, coriander, and shiitake mushrooms with spicy sour chilli sauce. The rest of the year Moshimo is exemplary in clearly marking vegan options on the menu. Best bet? Go for the Vegan Bento (£13) – a double bento box featuring hijiki seaweed and carrot salad, koyu tofu, pumpkin nimono with adzuki bean, kaki-age vegetable tempura and one umeboshi plum onigiri rice cake. Hardcore!

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