• MEATliquor


22-23 York Place


01273 917710


A glowing neon carnival setting for this burger arriviste from London, but do they bring anything fresh to the burgeoning pattie in a bun fight? Well, fish for one thing – we are by the sea. A Shrimp Po-Boy will set you back £8.50 or for the same price tackle their Pina Colada shrimp, coconut fried with a mango and pineapple dip. Wings are fab, too. The main event, though, is still the burger and the temptation is straight away to hit the infamous Dead Hippie (£8.50), the mustard-fried meat served rare and slathered in the eponymous secret (and very mustardy) sauce. An extra side of deep-fried pickles is de rigueur to our mind. These are slices of gherkin deep-fried in batter and presented with a dollop of blue cheese. The cocktails are as unabashed as the rest of the offering, in keeping with the louche purple booths and bizarre neon fittings such as the ‘flamingo woman’. So potent are concoctions such as House Grog and Game Over, they are limited to two per person. The first features featuring three different rums, while the aptly titled Game Over mixes vodka, tequila, rum, gin, Triple sec, Pisang Ambon, absinthe and fresh lime, topped with Mountain Dew. For something a little lighter, there’s a busy roster of bourbons. Almost clublike, MEATliquor is just as much about the liquor as the meat.

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