• Evening Star

Evening Star

55-56 Surrey Street


01273 32893


Star by name and through its influence on the modern craft beer company. Here two decades ago Dark Star brewing was launched and its influence has been as long-lasting as the finish on the big American style hoppy beers it pioneered in the UK. The treasures in store here, from their own mash tuns or further afield, are not immediately obvious from its terraced local exterior, but step inside, read the boards and you’ll get it. Sample from seven handpumps the Dark Star range (flavourful, golden Hophead is the perfect introduction) and frequently changing guests, including northern imports such as Magic Rock (Huddersfield) and Marble (Manchester) – or empty your wallet on esoteric bottles from cutting edge innovators such as Wild Beer, Mikkeller, Brew By Numbers and Kernel. If this wealth of choice is intimidating, the pub itself isn’t, all bare brick and wood with a coterie of friendly regulars. Dark Star own a second, quite different pub, The Partridge http://www.darkstarpubs.co.uk/partridge/at Partridge Green 13 miles north west of the city, which acts as tap for the nearby brewery.

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