• Coffee@33


33 Trafalgar Street


01273 462460

Local pioneer in the speciality coffee new wave and still a strong candidate for Best Coffee in Brighton. If it’s on, alongside their long-standing coffee supplier Monmouth, we recommend you try their Blake espresso blend from Has Bean (Sumatra, Brazil and Ethiopia) for a big bodied earthy base coffee with dried fruit notes on the palate. The Horsham Coffee Company have also supplied them with distinctive blend created from Falcon Coffee’ Rainforest Alliance beans. Coffee@33 owner/barista Taras is so committed he even boasts a separate grinder for decaf. In truth, there’s not much to distract you from your flavourful caffeine fix – cafe design is decidedly minimalist. Stuffed coffee sacks are used as seats in the windows. From the wooden bar check out the peanut and white chocolate brownies.

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