• Ahimsa Street Food

Ahimsa Street Food

Street Diner

Brighthelm Gardens

Queens Road


Ahimsa is Sanskrit for non-harming of humans and animals – an apt monicker for this street food project with its roots in the primarily vegetarian cuisine of Gujarat – the west coast state where Ghandi came from – but with debts to many street food cultures. Signature dish at Ahimsa is Mumbai Beach Chaat: a mouth-tingling combo of chickpeas, potatoes, gram flour noodles, puffed rice, peanuts, homemade tamarind and date chutney, coriander and mint chutney, pomegranate and what Ahimsa’s cook, Harry, calls ‘special spice dust’. Another popular roadside snack is Pav Bhaji, where spicy, mashed veg is served with buttery buns. Tasting this complex, occasionally fiery fare it is easy to understand why relative newcomer Ahimsa was a finalist in the British Street Food Awards 2014. Apart from at their colourful pink Street Diner stall you’ll find them at festivals and markets. They are also available for event catering. Follow them at @ahimsabrighton.

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