• Review: H.en from Deliveroo

Review: H.en from Deliveroo

2 November 2015 by Sophie Barber

If you haven’t heard of Deliveroo by now, then you have been missing out. Delivering take away meals from over 50 of the best restaurants in Brighton, Deliveroo has elevated the take away experience to the next level.The Chilli Pickle, MEATLiquor, Warung Tujuh and La Choza are amongst the vast menu, as well as the relative newcomer - H.en whom Taste of Brighton reviewed this week.

Specialising in free range chicken dishes, H.en describes itself as ‘Brighton’s first local and happy, high welfare chicken restaurant’. The menu comprises of either a quarter or half chicken option, grilled or fried with a choice of 3 flavours; ‘The Duke’ - mild spice, ‘The Herbie’ - lemon and herby and ‘Screaming Jay’ - date sweetened spicy sauce with a hint of ginger. There are also chicken wing options and burgers; chicken, pulled chicken and halloumi. The side options are a well thought out offering of sweet potato fries, whole corn and raw spinach and pumpkin seed slaw and if you are on a health-kick, there are a couple of delicious superfood salads to satisfy you.

H.en Chicken

We ordered ‘The Duke’ (a quarter £4.95) with a side of ‘Screaming Jay’ sauce, the halloumi burger, (£6.95) fries (£2.00) and a Quinoa superfood salad (£6.45). The food arrived at the time stated and it was still nice and hot. There was a good quantity of appetising food to work our way through; ’The Duke’ chicken was succulent with a smoky charred flavour from the grill, the Screaming Jay date and spicy sauce with ginger, piquant and fruity with a real kick from the chilli. 

A huge chunk of halloumi adorned a brioche bun, served with salad, roasted green and red peppers and smothered with a mustardy mayonnaise. The halloumi burger made for a hugely satisfying meal and scored high on the flavour scale. The french fries were coated coat in a light covering of dill, not something I have come across before, but definitely something I will be enjoying again - a great flavour combination and a nice creative touch to the menu.

H.en Halloumi Burger

We finally made it to the Quinoa superfood salad and were greeted with a hearty mix of pumpkin and sunflower seeds, cranberries, quinoa with a pungent flavour of fennel running through it.  I highly recommend this as an accompaniment to the chicken.  A healthy takeaway meal has been virtually unheard of, until now. 

H.en and Deliveroo definitely do what it says on the tin, and very well.

You can order now from Deliveroo.


87-88 Trafalgar Street





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