• Beer of The Month: BrewDog Tarte Aux Pommes

Beer of The Month: BrewDog Tarte Aux Pommes

13 November 2015 by Sophie Barber

Taste of Brighton’s Beer of the Month kicks off with a #COLLABFEST corker from BrewDog.

BrewDog's sprawling empire reached Brighton this summer. Taking over the ill-fated Blind Tiger venue, the bar has been refitted in the true BrewDog industrial style. As one of the newest, hippest bars on the Brighton drinking scene, it felt only appropriate that a BrewDog beer was chosen for Taste of Brighton’s first 'Beer of the Month' feature.

Tarte Aux Pommes

Tarte Aux Pommes (4.7%) described as a ‘Wild Apple Sour’ was brewed as part of BrewDog’s 2015 #COLLABFEST. Described as ’21 breweries, 21 bars, 21 beers’, BrewDog’s UK bar teams hook up with a local craft brewery and are given a ‘blank brew sheet’. Created by the Shoreditch bar and Redchurch brewery, Tarte Aux Pommes definitely delivers on the description. A sour beer with an apple like taste to it - it was described to me by the bar staff as a beer that tasted a bit like cider (although it actually reminded me of a sour Perry). Sour beers are not for everyone. However, with beers like this, you should get into the mindset of savouring a smaller amount, rather than one where you try to neck as many pints of it as possible. Pair a beer like this with the right food and you can take the combined flavour experience to spectacular levels. 

Inspired by a recent trip to Vietnam, I chose to pair this beer with the Ban Mi (a sandwich baguette) - crispy pork belly, pork terrine, pickled carrots & white radish, cucumber, coriander, mayo, hoisin & chilli. I was pleasantly surprised by the authenticity of the Ban Mi, with many evident flavour elements, rich pork, tart pickles and creamy terrine. The marriage of flavours that is pork and apple meant the pairing with the beer worked fantastically well.  

BanMi BrewDog

The carbonation and sour acidity from the beer cut through the pork and terrine, balancing both the rich pork flavours and the sourness of the beer. By the time I had finished, I already wanted another round - despite the size of it. It’s a shame that Tarte Aux Pommes is a one-off collaboration. Whilst it probably doesn't sell huge volumes, it certainly compliments the menu and made a perfect partner for the pork Ban Mi.

The BrewDog experience definitely appeals to the beer geek in you  - The staff are very knowledgeable and there is a huge range of beers, both BrewDog and guest. Buying a pint or two is only part of the story though. The walls are furnished with a variety of public notices; ‘Beer School’ (a two hour beer chat and tastings with a brew dog beer geek), ‘Beer Bucks’ (take-out for the beach) and ‘The Customer Tap’ where customers can submit their choice for the next guest beer on tap. The addition of a "press for beer' buzzer in the booths is also a very nice touch.

press here for beer brwewdof

With the opportunity for such an interactive experience, there is no wonder BrewDog goes from strength to strength.  Combine this with an overwhelming amount of exciting and interesting beers and I think we will find that BrewDog is having no problem converting the non-beer geeks into loyal followers.

BrewDog Brighton

52-54 Grand Parade, Brighton, BN2 9QA