• What Brighton Does Best?

What Brighton Does Best?

16 February 2016

OK Brighton, listen up!

Taste Brighton wants to find out what you think Brighton does best! Like us on Facebook at Taste Brighton to have your say: click Here!

As a city with a world famous name let's think about what has put us on the international map...

Beloved of media stars, Brighton is known for so much around the world and most of that is our desire for excess and over-the-topness: our onion palace of extravagance; dirty weekends; our celebrity residents from silver screen lovelies to the Royal family; films such as Mona Lisa, Quadrophenia, Oh What a Lovely War; our 2 piers; 'Brighton Rock' sums it up in so many ways - a book, a film and a stick of sugar-pink, well, sugar.

We're a place that is proud of Keith Waterhouse's now famous remark: "Brighton looks like a town that is helping the police with their enquiries", where shabby is chic, excess is basic, quirky is the norm and vegan is fairly standard.

Wheel & Pier

So what do you think sums up Brighton food and drink wise?

Let us know your thoughts on Facebook and let's chat about it.

For instance, we have (possibly) the only gluten-free lactose-free pizzerias in the UK, a Sri Lankan restaurant, a Polish photo design cafe; we don't just do diversity, we celebrate it!  We want to publish Brighton people's Top 10 all-time favourites that show visitors and residents alike the best of what's on offer - what Brighton does best - from the traditional to the eccentric, from fish & chips to steampunk.

Photos would be great too!

Please post these on Facebook and let's all have a chinwag about celebrating what's best about Brighton food and drink.

New Steine Statue